Our Unique and Novel Approach to Cancer Therapy 

Esperance is developing unique and innovative targeted oncolytic cancer therapeutics that utilize a novel mechanism of action to selectively kill cancer cells. These targeted products kill only cancer cells that express the target specific molecules such as receptors or antigens on their surface. Normal cells that do not express these surface molecules remain unharmed.  Target indications for our products include breast, prostate, ovarian, endometrial, pancreatic, liver, skin, blood (leukemia and lymphoma) and testicular cancers.

Esperance’s product candidates kill cancer cells by a novel mechanism of action by disrupting their cell membranes leading to cell lysis.  The steps involved in cell killing are summarized in the figure below.  The molecules seek out and specifically bind only to cancer cells that express the target receptors on their surfaces. The positively charged molecules interact with the negatively charged membranes of the cancer cells. The resulting disruption of the cell membrane causes the cancer cell to die by cell lysis, known as necrosis